Astounding Secrets That Will Surprise You About Wedding Planners

CEO, Cemone Glinton

Wait; is it a wedding planner or an on-site banquet manager? Are these two-different people or one? Which one do you need? How do you choose? Many people are unsure between the role of a wedding planner and a banquet manager. These are two separate professionals, carrying out individual tasks and responsibilities. Having both will…

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How to select the perfect wedding dress you’ll love

People like to throw around the word perfection when it comes to wedding planning, but when it comes to choosing a wedding gown, the important thing is to find the wedding dress that is perfect for you.  There are as many perfect wedding dresses as there are brides, and it is important that you make…

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Know how to be an awesome bridesmaid and save money

Congratulations, you’re a part of your best friend’s wedding party! As the maid of honor or bridesmaid, your duties are more than just having a nice dress and sparkly shoes.  There are some financial responsibilities too. In addition to helping the bride choose her dress, making your speech (maid of honor) and walking down the…

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Spice Up Your Wedding With These Fun Activities

Out of Box Weddings and Logans Place

Most brides we meet are looking for a creative way to entertain and excite their guest.  It can sometimes be difficult in sifting and deciding on the many options that are available to choose from.  Gone are the days where guest come in to a ballroom sit down eat and cheers.  Guest want to have…

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