Spice Up Your Wedding With These Fun Activities

Most brides we meet are looking for a creative way to entertain and excite their guest.  It can sometimes be difficult in sifting and deciding on the many options that are available to choose from.  Gone are the days where guest come in to a ballroom sit down eat and cheers.  Guest want to have fun and they want to celebrate your happy moment. Consider the following:

Keep your guest entertained at the dinner table have little table booklets and pens available for your guest to write funny comments or advice to you.  It’ll always be a great laugh and memory not just the day after but weeks, months and even years later.

For our outdoor rustic/ natural weddings consider having a horse shoe game or Jenga.  Who doesn’t like Jenga? It’s one of our personal favorites and always a blast and any group meeting or event.  Your wedding is no different. This memorable game is sure to keep everyone laughing throughout the entire night. 

For all your guest who love beer and wine – consider having a beer and wine tasting station. This is something different and completely “Out Of The Box” having a tasting station adds to the excitement and creativity of your wedding.   Even if they typically don’t enjoy beer or wine, they’ll get into just because.  

Depending on you theme having an exotic animal at your wedding is and amazing idea.  Don’t get to carried away though it’s your wedding and not a petting zoo.  Shock your guest who are expecting the traditional with the no so traditional.  Make sure you have a photographer to capture all the shocking and exciting moments. 

Carnival Dancers:  Cue the conga line – everyone loves a great party with light, props and dancers.  This is always a hit.  For those guest who you think probably won’t dance they’ll get up to take part in the special entertainment.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wow your guest, your event will be jumping all night long.

Stay tuned, we can’t give it all away – next month we’ll have more tips and ideas to creating and “Out of Box Wedding” 

Photo Credit: Travis Harris and Style Me Pretty