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Archive for October 2019

Best Reasons To Hire A Wedding Coordinator

1. You’re just too busy:  Let’s face it – you would like to do everything yourself, but you can’t and although your sister and mother opt in to help out, they’re also busy.  Your event/wedding coordinator is there no matter what happens. It is our job to see that everything is taken care of. 2. Your…

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Nontraditional Wedding Ideas – Break The Rules A Little

Traditional book signing – We recently had a client that insisted on having something other than the traditional guest signing book.   There are so many fun and exciting ideas other than the traditional book and pen.   If you want something a little more memorable and engaging, consider the following: Get a canvas guest book.  Have your…

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What Happens When It All Goes Wrong

Let’s face it there is no perfect wedding.  There is only being prepared.  Something that we have to be extra careful for in South Florida is the weather.  Some days it can be so close to perfect that it is scary. Other days you look up to the sky and pray for a moment of…

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