What Happens When It All Goes Wrong

Let’s face it there is no perfect wedding.  There is only being prepared.  Something that we have to be extra careful for in South Florida is the weather.  Some days it can be so close to perfect that it is scary. Other days you look up to the sky and pray for a moment of sunshine.  We’ve seen many weather anomalies occur for outdoor weddings we’ve planned.

So, what do you do when you’re in a weather catastrophe? Truth is you’re very limited if you didn’t prepare for a potential disaster.  How do you do this?

 First, before booking the venue you should make sure that there is a back up option for your location;

Secondly, the week of your wedding watch the weather station for the area and if necessary have the tent rental company on speed – dial.

Most importantly, become familiar with the area that you’re getting married. For example, here in South Florida during the summer months especially July and August there is almost a guarantee of rain everyday. This is vital information to the couple getting married during this time.

  Being aware of your surrounding area will save you, time, money and most importantly day of wedding stress.

Photo Credit: Google