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Hi... I'm Cemone, CEO of Out of Box Weddings and WPS or  Wedding Planners Society, I believe in you and I believe that everyone deserves to learn and prefect themselves. Whether it’s honing an existing skill or diving into something new, we can help you acquire the knowledge you’re looking for. Our course selection is varied and unique to fit all needs and skill levels. Browse our site to learn more, and get in touch with any questions.


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Self pace, In Class, Group Coaching or One and One Coaching Available


45 Minute Phone/Zoom Consultation

One 45 Minute Scheduled Coaching Call
Maximum consultations allowed (2)
Assessment of where you are in your business
Guidance and suggestions on next steps
1 Day online training access

Barcelona, Spain, business team at office.

One on One Guidance & Mentoring

If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, this course is perfect for you. Due to high demand, and to ensure each clients expectations are met space is limited, Students interested in enrolling or learning more about this course should use the contact us form. One of our team members will answer all your questions.

Graduating Class Dinner

In Class At Miami Dade College

Become a recognized Professional Certified Wedding and Event Planner. This 40-hour course will provide students with key knowledge and skills for planning, coordinating and directing social events and weddings. Essentials areas such as the business structure, documentation information, contracts, working with vendors, marketing as well as how to work with prospective brides and grooms will be covered throughout the course. To learn more click the link below


Please note:  Registration for summer 2021 will be announced

Self Paced & Online

We are always updating our classes, there is something for everyone.


Clients, Communication & Crisis 

Recent developments, both financial and emotional due to the coronavirus have caused us all to take a second look at the ins and outs of how we operate. We've decided to make this course our first offering and offer it for free.  There has been a lot of frustration for clients and event professionals.  Here's what we need to do.  We need to NOW create the best practices for handling a crisis to avoid any major damage to our beloved industry.  This is a start.


Building A Reptuation

Why is it important to build your wedding business reputation?

This course is designed to help and guide you on how to successfully build your wedding business. Learn from my mistakes and pitfalls.  Having a good reputation can open many doors for you with your client and vendors.  What happens if your reputation is negatively impacted? Can your business survive?  Yes, it can and I can show you how.

BridalshowsWPS (1)

Bridal Show Tips & Tricks

Did you know that there is a science to participating in a bridal show?  A sucessful bridal show does not just happen - A plan has to be in place.

This course is designed to help and guide you on how to sucessfully earn and paricipte in a Bridal Show.  Learn from my mistakes and pitfalls.  Being sucessful at this can turn your business around, save marketing dollars and help you book out your entire year.

Past Students: Certified Event & Wedding Coordinators


Camilia Martinez

After the course I was able to gain new clients. At that time I had never planned an event. She guided me on how to acquire new clients. The information I learned in the course was very valuable. Over all Cemone is an amazing wedding and event planner, she’s an amazing coach.  What I liked best was that Cemone is very organized. Find me on IG @camilas_events my company's name is Camilias Events

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Sissi Del Rey - Epic Events Miami

Because of this course I was able to network and meet new and reliable vendors. I found the information from this course very useful, I learned alot from Cemone.  She is very knowledgeable. She knows the industry very well. She is also very nice and easygoing.  It was truly a pleasure working with Cemone.  My company name is Epic Events Miami, you can also find me on instagram @epiceventsmiami

160A60EC-E443-4A91-B13F-F82ABFB2B009 - Asthanisha Myclis

Asthanisha Myclis

After the course and working with Cemone I was able to complete my website. I found the information from the course very valuable and relevant. To be honest, i was kind of scared to take this class, scared i was  wasting my money on a class that I’m probably not going to get into. But the first day of class Cemone changed my mind. She made the class interesting, exciting and fun. All of my doubts and fear of this class disappeared. She is a very understanding, professional, caring professor. I would take her again if i could. She helped me understand the do’s and the don’ts in this business, how to start my own, and everything else i need to know. She even told me if i need help with anything else i could always text her even if I’m not taking her class anymore. What professors does that? Not many. She’s the best.  She knew her materials and gave her own personal experiences with everything she taught!

8FEE9610-E139-4664-B9B5-2870EE28EFCD - Michelle Casanova

Asthanisha Myclis

After taking the course I was able to complete the following: website, networking and I had a better understanding of social media.  The information I learned during this course was extremely valuable. I enjoyed everything about working and getting to know Cemone.