You’ll love these tips on selecting the perfect MUA

Getting Ready – Hair and Make Up Time

You’re the center of attention, it’s the day that you have carefully and thoughtfully visualized since you first started on the journey of planning your wedding. You and your wedding planner /event planner have handpicked each vendor . Everything seems to be perfect. As the center of attention, you must look your absolute best and that means finding the perfect makeup artist.

The following are the great tips that you need to know about finding and hiring a perfect makeup artist or MUA:

Evaluate Makeup Techniques:  You and your friends may have an average makeup skill that is good enough for a normal workaday dressing, but today is a special day and you need something excellent and professional. An expert makeup artist comes in handy if you want a makeup that will remain intact and fresh all day. An expert makeup artist has a sensitive eye and is usually open to coming up with something unique that will perfectly enhance your beauty. She is equipped with the right tools and knowledge to utilize the appropriate colors and techniques that are essential to enhance you on your great day.

Beautiful Bridal Makeup

Most professional makeup artists have gone through advanced training and consistently updating their knowledge and techniques. More so, they have had a lot of experiences with face shapes, skin types and complexions.

Go for A Demo

Some brides may decide to have their friends do their makeup for them just because it is free or opt it to be done in a departmental store because it is cheap, but their is a great chance you’ll dislike this. Before you finalize your decision about hiring a professional makeup artist, you are encouraged to do a trial or demo makeup appointment with him/her. This is for you to have a preview of what you will look like, if you like it then you hire her but if not, you can go for another expert makeup artist. Though, most of them charge a fee for a demo makeup, the money you will pay is insignificant compared with the perfection you will finally arrive at.

During a demo, an expert will not only can appraise the nature of your face and personality in order to know how bold or soft your makeup should be. In addition, she will take adequate note and keep proper record of all the specifications used for your demo so that she will be 100% accurate for your big day.

Hire Someone Whose Work You Love

It is important that you hire someone whose work you love personally. It is imperative that you work with somebody whose portfolio seems impressive to you. Check the reviews of their past clients on their personal websites, their Facebook fan page, Twitter or wedding blogs. You can even ask for references; ask for the names, phone numbers and emails of their former clients and make your direct personal findings about how each client liked the job of the makeup artist. This is worth the time and effort.

Book the Service Your Desired Makeup Artist at The Right Time

Most professional makeup artists always have busy schedule.  So, if you are impressed with the work of any and you want to hire her/him, then do so as early as possible, otherwise you may find out when it is too late that they have been hired by somebody else whose wedding day is the same as yours. So, if you are considering hiring any, then the earlier you do so, the better.

Have Your Budget

This is very important. Before you think of finding a suitable expert, you must first have an appropriate budget for your bridal makeup, just like it is advisable for you to have a budget plan for every other aspect of the wedding. This is to safeguard your financial interest against overspending on makeup and help you to settle for something moderate according to your financial ability and not for something too cheap nor something too costly.

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