What no one tells you – how to plan your ceremony rehearsal

Out of Box Weddings, Conducts Their Ceremony Rehearsal

Just like any great and perfect musical concert, every smooth wedding ceremony is a not an accident but rather a result of a carefully planned and well-executed wedding rehearsal.
The wedding rehearsal is fundamentally a run through of your wedding ceremony. Conventionally, it is typically held the day before the wedding day and usually followed by a rehearsal dinner, for which your immediate family members, your wedding party and their dates/spouses are invited.

A wedding rehearsal is a preview of a wedding ceremony, it gives you a foresight into what you should be expecting on the D-day hence, it has to be carefully planned for and carried out with utmost care.

The  following are some great wedding tips to follow to have a great wedding rehearsal:

Engage The Service of a Professional Wedding Planner
Though, you may consider this to be too obvious a tip, but the place of the event planning services of a professional wedding planner cannot be overemphasized if you hope to have an hitch-free wedding rehearsal and by extension, a great wedding ceremony. A professional wedding planner will walk through the whole process with you and continually gives his/her professional pieces of advice all along the way. She/He will coordinate and direct the whole lots of activities that will be taking place all at the same time, making them to be highly productive.

Pair Up Your Wedding Party
Once you have decided on everyone that you will like to be a part of your wedding party, then the next thing to do is to decide about who will walk with whom. If there is no restriction, you can arrange your wedding entourage by height with the guy escorting a lady he is a bit taller than.

Decide How The Wedding Party Will Enter
Conventionally, the wedding party can either enter in one of these two ways: either the gents will remain at the altar while the bridesmaids enter all by themselves or bridesmaids and groomsmen will enter together with the exception of the Best Man who will remain with groom at the altar. You can choose any of the two, depending on your taste and choice.

Decide The Order of Entrance
The very next thing is to decide the order of entrance of your wedding party. The order may based on importance, heights, closeness etc. But whatever your reasons  may be, let them be personal. Conventionally, the bridesmaids will coming after the parents and grandparents have been seated, the Maid of Honor will now come in, then the flower girl will come in, followed immediately by the bride. Best plan is to pre plan your order prior to the actual rehearsal

Select Who You will Like to Escort You Down The Aisle

Please, this role is a very important one and it should be treated as such. Please inform whomever you want to walk down the aisle with you and make sure he/she gladly accepts to do so. The person may be your dad or anybody else you choose, but the most important is he must be internally very willing to do such.

Let Each Reader Know What He is Reading Beforehand
It is very important for you to make a copy of what each reader will be reading available to them beforehand. This is to help them to familiarize themselves with the literary pieces that they will have to read and practice if need-be.

Arrange The Order of Event with Your Officiants

Prior to the wedding rehearsal, a bride should take the time out of her busy schedule to consult with the officiants in order to arrange the order events both in the wedding rehearsal and the wedding day. Be sure to discuss what you will love to have on that day and what you would like to omit.

Choose Whether You Want a Receiving Line After The Ceremony
Guests can have the opportunity to congratulate you on your new marriage and you too can even have the opportunity to thank them for their presence through a receiving line. So if you want a receiving line, decide who will be a part of it. Conventionally, a receiving line usually comprises of the couple, their parents, Best Man, Maid of Honor, groomsmen, and bridesmaid. More so, don’t forget to include the time for the receiving line into the wedding ceremony timeline.