Useful Reasons Why Creating A Wedding Website Is Practical

Have you set up your wedding website yet? If not, you really should consider it. A wedding website is your one-stop for all your guests’ questions and needs. The top three benefits to having a wedding website for your big day are:

Happy Bride and Her Crew

Keep Updates and RSVPs in One Place: There’s nothing worse than not really knowing who is coming to your wedding, why not put it all in one place on your website? Make it easy for people to get online and send a quick email or just fill in a quick RSVP to send directly to you?On top of that, you have a place to keep everyone updated about the day. Need to make sure everyone knows where to go? Want to arrange transportation to get people around or need to know about dietary needs? You can do it all through the wedding website.

Introduce the Wedding Party: Your side of the family knows you. Your partner’s side of the family knows them. Make sure everyone knows who the bride and groom are, who the bridesmaids and groomsmen are, and know who the ushers will be to ask questions on the day. A website is the perfect way to add a quick picture and bio of the bridal party. You don’t have to share a lot.

Share Engagement and Wedding Photos: When you get engaged, you’ll want to do a photo shoot. Be sure to share the images on the website for your guests to see. You can also share any photos that you’ve taken of your venues or drop hints of surprises for your guest. Let your guests feel like they’re involved in your wedding day. You can also share your wedding photos afterwards, making it easier for people to get copies they need. There are many platforms for setting up your wedding site. We recommend AppyCouple for a user friendly, convenient, and stress-free site.

The Out Of Box Weddings Team

Photo By: Sinuchi