The Thrifty Bride’s Guide to their Expensive-Looking Wedding

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on decorations! With some creative thinking, you can create beautiful wedding décor that won’t break the bank. We’ve compiled some tips on how to become a thrifty bride using tricks to make expensive-looking wedding decors at low cost or no cost at all!

Start with the basics.

If you are starting from scratch, the first thing to do is look around your home and see if there are any décor items that would work for a wedding. If you have plates or bowls that fit the theme of your wedding, add them to a display. Have some extra tablecloths in storage? Think of a way to use them as decors, too.

Use what you have in a new way:

  • Use glass bottles as vases or candle holders
  • Wrap fabric around wine bottles and place flowers inside
  • Find old coffee mugs that look like they belong at an antique shop and use them as votive holders on tables

Get inspired.

Pinterest is a fantastic place to gather ideas for your wedding decor. Create your Wedding inspo board and read on DIY wedding decors. You can also follow wedding blogs and influencers on social media who may be experts in wedding planning and events styling. Take down notes and keep them with you so you can easily take them out whenever you are shopping for your wedding day.

Clearance sales are your best friend.

Check out sale items from stores around you or online. Avail clearance items for much less or buy in bulk. For example, fabrics are essential decorations for any event, from tables to walls. There are suppliers that offer wholesale tablecloths for sale for a much lower price.

Set your priorities and stick to them.

The key to spending much less for a wedding is to have a smaller, more simple, and more intimate wedding instead of an extravagant one. Set your priorities, for example, if you want to invite more guests, then you may cut back on elaborate decorations or find a cheaper yet bigger venue.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It can be hard to know what people will like and dislike, especially if you’re not sure how they feel about certain colors or styles, so ask your friends and family if they have suggestions for wedding decorations. One of the best things about having bridesmaids is that they are around for so much of the planning process, which means that you’ll probably ask them for help with some of your projects.

Moreover, you can still hire a wedding planner even if you are on a budget. Find personal events stylists who are looking for their first gig, or decorators who are still building their design portfolio, ang negotiate on a fair price for their services. You can work closely with them and help each other out during the process.

With a little patience, some creativity, and a lot of planning, you can create an absolutely beautiful wedding on any budget.

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking—and it can be very expensive. However, with a little patience, some creativity, and a lot of planning, you can create an absolutely beautiful wedding on any budget.

Most of all, don’t forget to enjoy the process! Getting married is such a special opportunity—both for yourself and those who love you most. It is always worth taking time to get excited about all aspects of planning your big day.

Hopefully, these tips will help you plan the wedding of your dreams on any budget. Remember that with a little patience and creativity, you can create a beautiful wedding on any budget.