Thank you gifts that your bridesmaids will absolutely love

They have laughed, cried and pre -celebrated with you. They’ve taken the time to help, bring brilliant wedding ideas to the table and have been a great part in the overall event planning. They have contributed towards the success of your wedding in various ways, and now it is time for you to return the favor in your own little way. Tell them that you love them by giving them a thank you gift.

For bridal parties and budgets both small and large, we have gathered suggestions for gifts that will get your bridesmaids grooving, even before you say the big words ‘I do’.

The following are some great suggestions:

  • Pop & Suki Camera Bag: Your bridesmaids will surely love this. This sleek, designer bag is made by friends, Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse (designers, models and real-life BFFs). You may even customize it with your friends’ names.
  • Chocolate Bar Set: This appetizing and delicious set of chocolate bars will cater to the sweet taste of your bridesmaids.
  • Delicate Key Necklace:  Inspire your bridesmaid to dream, hope and love by giving them this mini key necklace with beautiful, soulful messages.
  • Glossier Black-Tie Set: This set comprises of make-up tools like lip gloss, pencil eyeliner, pink nail polish and highlighter. This is a very good makeup companion for any lady anytime, any day and your bridesmaid are sure to really love it.
  • YSL Engraved Lip Gloss: Customizing is a sure way to making a gift special and more personalized. With YSL (Yves Saint Laurent), you can choose to engrave the name of your bridesmaids on favorite beauty products like lip glosses, therefore making the gifts better and the presentation more heart-touching.
  • S’Well Water Bottle: You can’t imagine what this classy water bottle could mean to your ‘maids: it could mean as much to them as a diamond ring means to you on that day. It is also a cozy way of keeping them properly hydrated while they go through the stress of the day.
  • Zodiac Print: This a personalized print of the zodiac sign of each of your bridesmaids on a gold foil.
  • Customized Shampoo and Conditioner: This is a truly personal beauty souvenir. Customized shampoo and conditioner is a perfect gift for each of the bridesmaids’ personal hair needs. To get this done, you will have to answer some questions like what the hair color is, the color of the bottle you want and supply the names of each of the recipients.
  • Pink Gin: This is a easy choice of gift to make. It is a new whiskey with the lovely ladylike pinkish color. It is sure to be a perfect gift for your ‘maids to cool down and boost their courage.
  • Bracelet Flask: This is a fancy container of liquor. It has the advantage of concealing the liquor in a fashionable bracelet-shaped container.
  • Goop Beauty Set: This is a perfect set of a beauty collection. It includes an exfoliator, face oil, night cream and a moisturizer. It is an ideal makeup set for your bridesmaids and they will surely appreciate this.
  • Sparkling Wine: This great wine by Speak Wines boasts of really sparkling up your great day with its beautiful phrases on the attractive labels by Thimble Press that is sure to keep the party rocking and eternally fresh in hearts of your bridesmaids.
  • Diamond Glass Set: You will surely be adding some glitters to your girlfriends’ glassware with these specially shaped set of glass cups.
  • Personalized Perfume: Bottle of nice perfumes of your choice can be customized with the pictures and names your ‘maids on it.