Something no one talks about is ways to honor the deceased

By far, one of the biggest problems couples have to handle while preparing for their weddings is honoring a deceased loved one. Making the decision on how to give honor to the dead loved ones can be difficult. It is equally difficult to strike a delicate balance between recognizing the absence of that loved one in a somber mood and maintaining an ambiance of joy and goodwill during your happy occasion.

I experienced this dilemma firsthand, when my grandmother checked out barely two months before my wedding day. Sincerely, it was a painful experience for me because I had shared a very close relationship with her. All these years, she has been one of the few people I shared intimacy with she has been there to give me her grandmotherly love and she has always provided me her shoulders for me to cry on. She really played so great a role in my life, right from my childhood to adulthood, that I can’t imagine her not being around on my great day. However, I did not want to dilute the joy-filled atmosphere with any pint of sorrow.

The best ways to remember and honor your loved ones without detracting from the glamour of your wedding day.

Put on Something that Brings the Memory of that Loved one to your Mind

This is, perhaps, the greatest way of honoring a deceased loved one in private because nobody may even notice except you choose to tell them. It is an excellent way to remind yourself of the loved one without having to draw any attention, whatsoever. Personally, on may wedding day, I wore my grandmother’s necklace. You may also include a fare picture or another small souvenir in your bouquet.


Use their Favorite Gift to You

You may choose to use some of the favorite gifts that has been given to you by the deceased this is also an effective way of keeping them close to your heart and the same time not unnecessarily dampening the occasion of joy with grief.

Write a Simple Eulogy about Them in the Ceremony Program

This may be in the form “in loving memory of” section in the ceremony program. Whatever it is, you are writing, make it short and simple.

Light a Candle

Lightening a candle close to your cake display or on a table entrance can speak volumes of your honor for the deceased. Use an unlighted candle to show that the memory of that deceased will live on forever.

Use a Photo Table

Most couples choose to feature an album of family wedding photos including the living and the dead at the reception. It is a great way of taking your invited guests down your family’s wedding memory lane.

Make a Toast To Their Memory

My most fave moment bat my wedding reception was when all our relatives came around to make a toast with grandma’s fave wine. It is a nice way to assemble the family members for a memorable moment of remembrance for the departed loved ones.

Dedicate a Section of the Ceremony to that Loved One

It is also a great idea to select the favorite poem or story of the deceased loved one to be read or play their favorite track of song during the ceremony.

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