It’s here! Useful and simple cake tips most forget

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Successful weddings must be planned and prepared for. A wedding is made up of many moving parts, one of the most important of which is the wedding cake. Getting a perfect wedding cake is not an accident, it is something that must be well-thought out. 

Choosing your wedding cake and price is not only exciting, it is also just simply fun! It’s one of the most thoughtful and careful decisions a bride will ever make as far as her wedding is concerned.

For the couple the idea of having a designer wedding cake and a tailor-made cake topper is fascinating. While for most wedding guests, the thing that makes the wedding memorable asides the wedding favors, is the delicious taste of a beautiful gourmet cake.

Ending up with the perfect gourmet cake for a wedding is a product of quality decision which, in turn, depends on how informed you are. Hence, there are certain things you need to know before you finalize your decision on the wedding cake you want to invest in.

1.       Begin Early Enough

Beautiful Wedding Cake With Real Flowers

Most brides make the mistake of waiting till the eleventh hour before they give any thought to their choice of wedding cake and experience has shown that this is not a good idea.  To get your dream wedding cake, start out early enough. Start thinking about your wedding cake as soon as you decide on the wedding date and venue. 

2.       Get Your Perfect Baker

Behind every perfect cake is a perfect cake designer. One of the advantages of starting early is that you will have the time to try and test samples from many professional designers and thus, most likely end up with the best designer for your custom wedding cake. Personal recommendations is one of the ways to find a perfect baker. Another way is by attending wedding expos.

3.       Search Social Media

Most professional cake designers post the pictures of their cakes on social media  where brides can search for their choice designer wedding cake. However, it is very important for you to check out the reviews of each of the designers, this will help you not only to narrow down your search, but also to get the best cake designer of your choice.

4.       Book an Appointment

After you have narrowed down your choice of designers to about two or three, book an appointment with each of them to discuss the more basic details like the wedding date, venue and your cake budget.

       Consider Your Cake Budget

Parameters like complexity of the design, the number of servings needed etc. affect the cost of a cake. More over, sugar flowers because they are handcrafted and time-consuming can also affect the price of a cake. However, it is advisable to always stay within the range of your budget. If your desired design will cost more than your budget plan can allow for, then go for another that will fit in to your budget. Your baker can also be of help in this area by making helpful suggestions in regard to your budget while still meeting up with your aesthetic demands.

6.       Be Inspired and Creative

Collecting ideas of cake designs from sources like social media, pinterest, local bakers, cake catalogs etc. will get you inspired and from there your imagination can prowess can create a custom original design.

7.       Have a Taste

Cake designers allow for tasting appointments and design consultation in which clients are invited to have a taste of their exemplary cakes, ask questions and provide tips and suggestions. Most often, the designer will send their clients a menu list, from which two or more flavors will be chosen prior to the date of appointment. These chosen flavors will be served at the tasting meeting. This is  not only a great opportunity to meet with bakers and fully appraise their skills and artfulness but you’ll also have a chance to try some delicious cake. 

Photo Credit:  Danna Lynn Photography, Leo Photography and Scribbled Moments Photography