Important venue questions? Here is what no one mentions

For most couples, besides hiring a great wedding planner, a professional wedding designer – booking a dream venue is one of the topmost priorities.

It is essential to give careful thoughts to the details of the wedding planning and to ask the right and relevant questions about your dream venue to avoid avoidable disappointments and misunderstandings.

Wedding with Out of Box Weddings at the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbor

Once you make your choice of venue for your wedding, it is very important for you to re- visit the venue and have a good, careful look at the property to confirm that what you have seen in pictures and what it really is are one and the same thing. It’s also a great idea to revisit with your wedding planner. While there, ask some probing questions that will give you a real picture of what you are to be expecting and help you to be sure about whether you will love to have your wedding there or not.

The following are some of the relevant, vital questions to ask about your wedding venue: To learn more relevant questions – click here 

  1. Is the venue big enough to conveniently accommodate all your guests?
  2. Do they have equipment like chairs, tables, plates, glassware etc. or will you have to rent them elsewhere?
  3. In addition to your own wedding coordinator, do they have an in-house wedding co-coordinator?
  4. What is the price gap between holding only reception there and holding both the reception and ceremony there?
  5. Will there be any discount if you book rooms at the venue for your bridal party prior to the wedding?
  6. Do they provide children catering service?
  7. Is menu tasting included in the package?