How to ensure that your engagement party is a success

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Wedding season is right around the corner.  There will be lots to do and many events to consider and plan.  One of the first events on your check list is your engagement party.  This week we’re giving you our top three tips for planning a fabulous engagement party.  Happy Reading.

Have a budget – We find that most couples don’t have a budget.  It is so important that you start early by developing a budget for your engagement party. Be reasonable with yourself what you can afford.  This will carry over in your wedding planning, one of the first questions that are asked of couples is “what is your budget?” most couples hate to answer this question; usually their replies are cheap, inexpensive, give me your best price or simply I don’t know. Having a budget will save on time, energy and unnecessary stress.  Your budget will keep you on track and helps you be a better and smarter shopper. When planning your engagement party have a clear and defined budget in mind, you won’t regret it – we promise! 

Viscaya Museum, Miami FL

Location, Location, Location – There are so many options when deciding on where to have your engagement party.  To help consider having your engagement party in a well kept friend or family members home or back yard. A beautiful garden is always a nice touch for a spring or summer engagement party.  Another option is creating a themed engagement party; for example, a wine tasting or cooking class.  If you are looking at a restaurant in a private room, consider having your engagement party on a week day for example; a Wednesday or Thursday.  Locations typically charge less for events that are not on the weekend.  Make a list and call at least three, compare prices, accessibility and what’s being offered. 

Save on invites – We love sending invitations in the mail, it gives a personal touch, it’s warmth and shows that this event is something that is very important and well thought of. To help save on the cost consider websites such as vista print that offer template varieties for all occasions, the printing quality is awesome and the invite is sure to leave a positive and excited impression with your guest.

Most importantly; Have fun!! It’s an amazing journey be sure to absorb each and every moment. 

Cemone Glinton, Taken From The Book “Dear Bride, You’re Not Alone”

Photo Credit, Sunichi