Five Things Every Bride Should Know The Night Before Her Wedding!

The night before your wedding should be a moment of excitement and anticipation. Your focus is on your big day.  You’re confident that you’ve dotted all your ” I’s”  and crossed all your “T’s”. True, some things you can’t predict, however; there are somethings you should be confident in and know without a shadow of a doubt. 

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During this moment you should be relaxed and calm.  However; I find that some brides are filled with anxiety and worry.  Details such as:

Are my guest going to have fun? 

Did “uncle” this or “aunt” that make it into town? Will they be there? 

My cousin canceled last minute? 

I don’t want any drama from anyone? 

Will my dress fit the same as it did in the salon? 

Will my makeup be nicely done?  

The list goes on and on…

One thing I always tell my brides the night before their big day is to remain calm, turn off your phone and take a minute to yourself and most importantly I reassure them of the following…

Getting Ready – Hair and Make Up Time

Know that you’re going to be the most beautiful woman in the room and all eyes will be on you and your groom.

Know that  this is your moment so enjoy all the love and blessings from family and friends

Know that you’ve done your best and no matter what and you’re going to have a great time.

Know that you’ve placed all the right people in place and you’re going to allow them to do their jobs and not micromanage. No Bridezilla!!

Know that whether or not the flower girl actually drops the petals it’s going to be super cute and everyone will love it.

Know that this is your moment and no one can take it away unless you let them.  

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Keep these tips in mind when fear and worry creep in the night before or any time during your planning phase.  Don’t worry you’re going to be amazing! 

Have Fun, You’re Getting Married!!!

Photo Credit – Scribbled Moment Photography, Sinuchi and Travis Daniels Photography.