Amazing wedding savings secrets and what no one tells you

Trying to stay in budget is always half the battle when planning your big day.  We’ve got just the plan for you.  Check out these seven amazing wedding savings secrets.  Enjoy!

Out of Box Weddings

Save on invitations: Sites like  or offer cheap wedding invitations you can order from the comfort of your home.

Small details: Decorate your sign – in table and gift table buy loose flowers and arrange them yourself.

Destination weddings should really consider this:  Email invitations, especially to those who are unlikely to keep them to remember the occasion.

Veil prices are very expensive: Wear flowers in your hair instead of a veil.

Zoom invite: For ll those who are unable to make it to your wedding, create a zoom meeting and have them watch your wedding from the comfort of their own home.

Save on up lights:   In addition to white Christmas lights or candles, other ways to light up your evening are to use luminaries, torches, and lanterns.

Save even more on flowers by:  Add pressed leaves to tables in the fall, place wildflowers in mason jars for centerpieces in the spring and summer and use evergreen garlands around doorways and arches in the winter.