What you’ll learn about love and life as a wedding planner

As a wedding coordinator and designer, I am constantly seeing a variety of personalities and beliefs.  No matter who my clients are, some things remain consistent.  I’ve learned to stay aware of my clients’ unique needs and to always assess the pros and cons of every wedding.  This way, I continue to grow as a person, my business continues to expand, and I become better at working with my current and new clients.

What has my wedding business and experience taught me?

First and foremost, it’s taught me the power of love. When two people really and truly love each other, nothing and no one can tear them apart.   I’ve worked with e harmony couples, couples who lived on opposite ends of the world, and even couples who fell in love after years of working and living next to each other.  One thing they all have in common – I can see in their eyes that they will never give up and that they will go through just about anything to be together.  Not even distance could keep them apart!

I’ve also learned that life is a celebration and that you must enjoy yourself.  While the idea of a wedding may seem silly to some, mostly to those who worry about the cost of it, a wedding is not only a turning point in a person’s life but also a moment to let your hair down, dream big, and for once be the belle of the ball.  There are very few moments in life where it’s OK to be self-absorbed and have a “me” moment.

Out of Box Weddings CEO Cemone Glinton

I’ve learned that a wedding is an opportunity to cherish the important people in your life and in some cases to honor them.  Having your parents and grandparents at your wedding may seem quite normal, but there are those who are not afforded such opportunities for many reasons, such as death, separation, or distance.  If you are lucky enough to have a grandparent at your wedding, take a moment to cherish them and show them love and appreciation.

Next, I believe that dancing is not only the best exercise but that it is great for the soul. No matter how sad you may be feeling – finding yourself in a space of celebration, great food, music, and people you love, dancing will just feel right.

My most favorite lesson, however, is understanding how important it is to marry your best friend.  As cheesy and silly as this may sound to you – you’ve got to love the heck out of the person you’re tying the knot with.  Moreover, he or she must be your “go-to” in life.  I’ve seen several best friends tie the knot and I will say that it’s probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I cry almost every time!

Because wedding planning can be stressful, I’ve learned that taking a break is of the utmost importance. I’ve found that when you take a break, and I mean really take a break from it all, then and only then can you enjoy the process of planning a wedding.

When I really sit and think about it, I realize that one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned when it comes to weddings and wedding planning is that having a realistic budget is the best way and sometimes the only way to stay sane and comfortable. 

I’ve seen it all when it comes to budget and having a realistic budget is what keeps the fun alive during the planning process, especially if there is a bigger goal in mind, like buying a house or having children but still wanting to have a beautiful wedding.  My couples who keep their wants and needs under control tend to be the most harmonious of all.

Take these tips and apply them to your wedding and if you’re a wedding planner apply it to your business. I promise you’ll see a difference. Cheers!