What every bride should know about her coordinator

A Wedding is such a big day – venue selection, wedding dress, jewelry, guests list, and much more. Your wedding coordinator can share your burdens and stress of planning your big day.  Sometimes brides and grooms are a little confused or unsure about the duties of their wedding coordinator.  

Luxury Wedding Planner - Cemone Glinton
Cemone Glinton, Luxury Wedding Planner

Here is what a wedding coordinator does

  • A wedding coordinator will meet you to comprehend the style and theme of an event and accordingly prepare.
  • A wedding coordinator will advise you on your budget.
  • A wedding coordinator will also keep you updated and discuss your wedding progress.
  • A wedding coordinator is your guide through all planning details.  
  • Your wedding coordinator will manage all of your wedding vendors
  • A Wedding coordinator is there from start to finish on your wedding day.
  • Your wedding coordinator is your support through the ever changing emotions of planning a wedding.

Hiring a wedding coordinator can help you get all arrangements and plans in check and order, but always keep in mind that as much details as your wedding coordinator should and will handle there are some details that will require your attention and decision making.

Details such as picking out your wedding dress, seat arrangements and finalizing your dinner will all require your personal attention and touch.  These are all complicated at times to deal with BUT it is something your coordinator cannot do for you!

So, how do you work alongside your coordinator understanding that there are some details that will require your direct attention? Your coordinator is here to guide you and is an expert in his/her field, their advise should be taken into account. Keep in mind these details when working with your coordinator.

Have Patience

Patience is the best way to deal with a difficult and stressful situation. Since wedding preparations are no picnic, you should understand that your wedding coordinator is consulting you, as well as other clients. Have a little patience, she will follow up with you.

Communicate properly

Communicate with your wedding coordinator at every step, try to avoid making and finalizing decisions without your wedding coordinators knowledge. Making final decisions can sometimes end in disaster or misunderstandings .

No Micormanaging

No one likes a micro-manager especially a wedding planner – our job requires time and patience. Sometimes we are unable to get what you need right away BUT rest assure a good wedding coordinator is usually on top of things. Your wedding is their priority – Let them take care of you.