Trending Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

Suppose your clients have chosen the fall season to hold your wedding. In that case, they can benefit from its glorious colors, moderate temperatures, tasty menu possibilities, the guests’ flexibility, and the off-peak time for weddings.

But how can you make the most out of the fall season to pull off a successful and memorable celebration for your clients’ big day? There are several fall wedding decor ideas, from yellow color for wedding decors to gold chair covers,you may want to consider and propose to the couple. 

Why Should Couples Have a Fall Wedding?

Many couples have opted for a wedding in the fall because of these reasons: 

  1. Warm seasonal colors

They don’t have to think hard about what color scheme they should use when it’s staring back at them in the color of the falling leaves. The natural colors of fall are gorgeous, from burnt orange and gold to dark red and burgundy. Using these in orange wedding decorations or decors in similar shades of fall can create a warm yet romantic look.

  1. Moderate temperatures

There is no need to worry about sweat-stained outfits, melted makeup, and heat exhaustion. During the fall, weddings can be held outdoors without much problem. 

  1. Wide range of menu options 

If the couple wants some recipes with apples or pumpkins and even pears or parsnips, they have a wide variety of menu ideas.

  1. Higher guest attendance

The fall season is perfect if the couple wants to ensure their guests will say yes to their wedding invitations. Many people tend to take their time off without vacation plans around Thanksgiving. 

  1. Off-peak season for weddings 

The busiest wedding season is often from late spring to summer, so it can take a lot of work to source suppliers and work with your client’s budget constraints. It is a different story during fall when prices go a little lower. 

How to Decorate for a Fall Wedding 

When discussing wedding decors with the couple, you can throw in ideas about using harvest colors to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. Consider summer squash, cranberries, pumpkin, and foliage. These can either be subtle or vivid. 

For the flowers, you can introduce a contrast in color by using white flowers in the arrangements. It works whether the ceremony is held indoors or outdoors. The white helps lighten up the rich shade of the fall colors. 

Another fantastic suggestion from decorators if you ask for fall wedding decor ideas is to use leaves. Make a ceremony aisle out of leaves. It doesn’t matter if they’re fallen leaves. Pile them up on each side of the aisle to give the aisle more impact.

The wedding arch can be anything the couple wants. It could be a big round wedding arch filled with faux flowers and leaves, a hexagon one, or multiple half-arch ones. Work with a florist to realize your vision since this arch will be a focal point during the ceremony. 

Custom backdrops are to be expected. You can have flower and greenery backdrops, backdrop curtain panels, or crystal and bead backdrops, whatever suits the couple’s vision. 

Remember romantic lighting if you’re holding the ceremony or reception outdoors. The lights can add a picture-perfect glow to the event way after the sun sets, especially if you hang them from fall trees. 

Candles should be present. These great additions to the wedding decor can create a cozy space for the couple and their guests. You can use tall candelabras as centerpieces and place floating candles around the tables to make the celebration feel more intimate. 

How to Use Fall Leaves for Wedding Decorations 

Are your clients looking to bring more natural elements to their fall weddings? You can do so by adding more leaves to the wedding using these tips: 

Let the flower girls use real leaves. 

Instead of putting flower petals in the flower girls’ baskets, use real fall leaves. There are indeed plenty of them outside. 

Put more fall leaves in the bouquet. 

Ask the bride if she wants to give her flowers a fall factor by adding more leaves. It will make her bouquet stand out in the photos.

Hang fall leaves from the ceiling. 

You can use the leaves’ natural colors or spray them with gold or darker orange paint to highlight them as hanging decors.

Use them as place cards.

Instead of the usual paper place cards, write the guests’ names on the leaves. These will look classy with a touch of gold calligraphy on the leaves.

Put them on the cake. 

You can put real fall leaves on the cake but ensure they are cleaned and disinfected. Or, you can ask the baker to use edible cake decors in the form of leaves.

Fill the wedding arch with fall leaves. 

Make the wedding arch as fall as it can be with orange leaves all around it. Let it scream autumn to everyone who sees it. 

Get a send-off with fall leaves. 

Instead of birdseed or rice, why not ask the guests to shower the couple with fall leaves? These will also make your send-off photos look amazing with the leaves cascading around you. 

Make a couple’s dream fall wedding come true by decorating it with autumn elements and, naturally, fall leaves on the cake, bouquet, flower girls’ baskets, wedding arch, and as place cards sitting on orange tablecloths. Use the fall wedding decor ideas mentioned above and find a good supplier for all the decor you need to create an excellent autumn wedding.

Photos by Sinuchi

Planner: Out of Box Weddings