Surprising Ways to Protect Your Wedding From Unruly Guest

Perfect Wedding Moment

You know them when you see and hear them –  they come to a wedding or event and they just don’t know how to conduct themselves.  What are you to do in situations where you have people who just don’t know how to behave themselves?   The first step is being able to identify them and come up with a plan so your coordinator isn’t completely in the dark.  

There is the…

  •     Uninvited guest
  •     Unruly, “I’ve had too much to drink and cannot control myself”, guest
  •     Unruly, “I don’t want to sit at that table”, guest

For the uninvited guest – To avoid this, give a deadline for the RSVP, have a detailed seating arrangement, make sure your wedding coordinator has a hard copy of the seating chart and alert your wedding coordinator that everyone should stick to the seating, no exceptions!  It then becomes obvious to your wedding coordinator that someone does not belong and the uninvited guest can be politely escorted out!

The “I’ve had too much to drink and cannot control myself”, unruly guest-   Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. There is a friend or family member that gets a little too excited and begins to not only embarrass the happy couple, but themselves.   When choosing your bartender or caterer, make sure to let them know that if there is someone that has obviously had too much to drink, they are permitted to take a bit longer to sever them, offer them water as a way to distract them and if that doesn’t work, perhaps alerting the wedding coordinator to alert someone other than the bride and groom. Locate a family member, usually the mother or father of the couple, to the situation. There the matter can be taken care of before it gets out of hand. 

The “I don’t get want to sit at that table”, unruly guest-   We usually see this happen when there are no seating arrangements.   Let’s face it – it is a challenge to decide who will sit where, but please keep in mind the bigger challenge happens when you don’t have an arranged seating or you don’t finalize it correctly.   You’ll have the guest who doesn’t want to sit at the table because specific individuals are there and will cause a scene.  The best way to handle the situation is to go over your seating arrangements carefully ahead of time. Check it over and over because it will help your entrance run smoothly.  Remember … the bride and groom cannot make their entrance if everyone is looking for their seats.  Therefore, it’s imperative that this is done correctly so that everyone is happy and your wedding transitions smoothly!

Written By:

Cemone Glinton