Stress free is the best way to plan your day

Planning and preparation of a wedding can be exciting and stressful. Giving attention to yourself  is of the upmost importance. 

Here are a few tips for you to remain clam, excited and ready for your wedding.

  • Pre – Planning: It all start with a plan and ideas. Be sure to have a special place to collect and gather your ideas and thoughts. Plan and evaluate everything before you start working on them. If you need help enlist the help of your bridesmaid and wedding coordinator.
  • Group work helps: Don’t try to do everything on your own. Never say ‘no’ to the ones who are willing to give you a hand. Working in group will reduce the stress, the burden and eliminate worries. Have someone/ wedding coordinator there to help you manage your “ToDo” list and keep you on track.
  • Take a break before getting on to the next task. Don’t try to complete everything in one weekend. Wedding planning is a process, trying to do everything at once is stressful and over whelming. If you find yourself overworked and stressed – Do some meditation, get a massage (if possible), listen to soothing music, use some light/soft scents – All of these will relax you, and lower your anxiety.
  • Stay in touch with your fiance. As busy and stressed you are, your other half could be in the same situation. Discuss and share things. It will help both of you. It is quite possible that he/she can help you with some of the tasks and vice versa. The whole point is handle things in such a way, that you can get everything complete, to you liking and also be stress-free.

It is not easy, but it is simple. So, keep these tiny tips in your mind and you too can enjoy the wedding planning process.