Right here for you. Make sure you choose the best MUA

You’re the center of attention, it’s the day that you’ve carefully and thoughtfully visualized since you first started on the journey of planning your wedding. You and your wedding planner have handpicked each vendor that will be a part of your big day..

As the center of attention, you must look your absolute best and that means finding the perfect makeup artist.

So, Where do you start?

Don’t worry we’re here to guide you on what you need to know about finding and hiring the perfect artist for your perfect day!

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Everyone Technique Is Different: You and your friends may have an average makeup skill that is good enough for a normal workaday dressing, but today is a special day –  and you need something glamours and professional. An expert makeup artist is there to enhance your natural beauty.. He/She has a sensitive eye for details that you and I would normally overlook. They are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to utilize the appropriate colors and products that are essential to define your beauty.

Most professional makeup artists have gone through advanced training in the art of makeup and have special knowledge and  techniques that are unknown to the average person. They are in essence “Magicians”  They have the experience and are knowledge  on what work best for each type of face shape and complexion. Trust and know that you are in good hands, consider the following suggestions as you go through your elimination process of finding the right person for your special day!

Go for A Demo
Before you finalize your decision about hiring a particular professional makeup artist, you are encouraged to do a trial or demo makeup appointment with him/her. This is for you to have a preview of what you will look like, if you like it then you hire her but if not, you can go for another expert makeup artist. I recommend that when deciding on who to choose for your demo, have at least three options. Though, most professional artist charge a fee for a  makeup demo, the money you will pay is insignificant compared with the peace of mind knowing that you have a makeup artist that you love. A plus of course is that you are able to connect with them and sample their work first hand before making a final decision.

During a demo, the artist will determine the nature of your face and personality in order to know how bold or soft your makeup should be. In addition, he/she will take notes and keep proper records of all the items used for your demo so that during the “day of” he/she is prepared and confident in what you do and do not like.