No stress! Make sure he’s prepared for the wedding

You’re planning a wedding. How exciting!  Planning a wedding can be fun equally for both the bride and groom.

Sometimes, though, it can be confusing as to the groom’s duties and expectations leading up to the big day.

What are some of the essential duties that the groom needs to take care of prior to their wedding day? For your handsome groom, it’s all about the details. 

Groom and His Best-friends

To help our grooms navigate through their duties and prepare for the big day, we are giving you all our best tips!

Your groom must have the following:

  • Extra Cuff-links – It’s the morning of, and as you place your tux out on the bed to get ready, you realize there is only one cuff-link. What do you do? Avoid this! Make sure to pack an extra pair of cuff links just in case.
  • Breath Fresheners – Before walking down the aisle, make sure you stop for a moment and complete a fresh-breath check. Either the groom or one of the groomsmen should have a little mint close by.
  • Extra Socks – It happens to us all. We think the socks we had were in perfect condition, and then we discover there is a hole in the big toe.  How embarrassing.  Make sure to always carry an extra pair of socks!
  • Handkerchief – Your wedding day will be filled with tears of joy and happiness, and instead of always looking for a tissue, keep a hankie , which is more stylish and less wasteful.
  • Shoe wipes – I always recommend that before our groom steps out he checks his shoes.  Your shoes can accumulate dust very easily from one day to the next.  Make sure before you step out that your shoes are perfect.
  • Groomsmen gifts:  Don’t forget about your guys! They’ve seen you grow, and now they’re standing with you on one of the most important days of your life. Be sure to have a little gift for them to show them how much you appreciate their love and loyalty.