Most recommended items you’ll need in your emergency kit

No matter what type of event we’re hosting or planning we have our Emergency Kit with us. Almost all the minor accidents could be nipped in the bud before they degenerated big, messier issues that could spoil your great day by getting your effective emergency kits ready.

Anyone who has ever been a bride or a bridesmaid will know and appreciate the importance wedding emergency survival kit. Regardless of how much you have prepared, mischance is bound to occur on your wedding day. That is why you need to prepare survival kits and get it ready. You may not use it at all but as the old saying goes, Prevention is better than cure”

These “just in case” materials have been known through past experiences, to have saved the day.

Normally, compiling and keeping this kit is the job of your wedding planner. However, the bride may decide to get the kit herself in a bag and put it where it could be easily accessed or give it to responsible-enough wedding guest or maid of honor.

Download your free emergency kit out line here.

The list of the kit should include the following items:

Baby Powder: On hot summer afternoons, overcrowded and hot prep rooms, and nervosity can make you sweat. Applying a little amount of an antiperspirant baby powder will make the bride’s face to be dry and fresh.

Q-tips and Makeup Remover: these are used to erase makeup mistakes which may have, otherwise, been a source of worry.

Mini sewing kits: these are useful for adjustments that manual sewing could resolve. The kits include scissors, thread, needle, buttons, safety pins etc.

Blotting Paper: this is used to clean up shine and oil but not makeup mistakes.

Tweezers: these come in handy when you need to adjust small, tiny things ranging from splinters to strays of hairs.

Extra Undergarments: this usually a “just in case” item for when body sweat is more than could be handled by the baby powder.

Deodorants: this is for a “just in case” the bride is too excited to use one before leaving the house.

Tampons/ Panty liners: this comes in handy to help deal with the mess that could be caused by the bride’s period coming unexpectedly. It helps to take care of that situation.

Towelettes: This is used for personal cleansing and freshening up.

Double Step Foot Treatment and Friction Stick: this helps you to dance with ease and conveniently on your wedding day by preventing foot blisters.

Sunscreen: this is useful if the photos are to be taken outdoors on a sunny day.

Nail Polish and Nail File: these are used to perfect whatever imperfection there is in your nails.

Medicine: drugs like aspirin are to take care any stress-induced pains such as headaches.

Tissues: this is to take care of those inevitable happy tears that may wash off your makeup.

Mini First Aid Kit: these are strictly for first-aid in case of any minor accident. The first aid kit includes: antiseptic, Band-Aids, burn relief, liquid bandages etc.

Alcohol: just in case you need to boost up your courage level, then you can take a little quantity of your favorite spirit.

 Snacks and Chocolate bars: this is to take care of you when you are famished. Remember, a hungry bride could be an angry bride.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste: in case, just in case the bride forgets to brush her mouth before leaving the house due to over-excitement.

Straws: this is to make sure that the bride’s lipstick remains intact while she must take some sips to quench her thirst.

Pen and Paper: to pass private messages from the groom to the bride & vice versa.

Cash: do well to take some cash along just in case the bride will need to buy something.

White Chalk: this is most suitable as a concealer, to conceal the stains on the gown, most especially the one which has refused to go away.


Download your free emergency kit out line here.

Photo Credit: Esty, Budget Savvy Bride