How to select the perfect wedding dress you’ll love

People like to throw around the word perfection when it comes to wedding planning, but when it comes to choosing a wedding gown, the important thing is to find the wedding dress that is perfect for you.  There are as many perfect wedding dresses as there are brides, and it is important that you make the best decision for you.  Your worst enemy in this process is procrastination and being pressured into your decision.  Here is our advice for choosing the wedding dress that is just right for you.

Wedding Dress

Do Your Research, Then Ask the Experts

Ideally, you wear a wedding dress just once in your life; you only have to choose one.  You might have excellent taste in clothes, and you may have been the best dressed guest in every wedding you have attended, but choosing a wedding dress is a whole new level of deciding what to wear. 

It is a good idea to do a good bit of browsing online and in magazines in order to get a general idea of what you are looking for in a wedding gown before you set foot in the store for your dress fitting. Keep in mind once you get to the dress fitting, you have to make the most of your time. Do yourself a favor, shop around to get an idea of what you like and possibly don’t like.

Once you’re there in the bridal shop, trust your wedding consultant they are experts who will work with your creative vision and give you as much or as little guidance as you want.  Be confident and rest assure that they have the experience and knowledge on trends and best practices for embellishments for your dress.  A store that we frequently recommend to brides in our area is Brides of America, they are amazing at what they do and our brides love working with David Abadi the owner.  Be sure to get a few referrals from your wedding planner, friends and family members for recommendations.

Know Who Should You Bring with You to Your Dress Fitting Session?

You can invite your mother, your sister, your sister-in-law, your cousins, your aunts, your sorority sisters, your fiancé, or anyone else whose presence will make your special dress-fitting day more special. However; as the old saying goes too many cooks spoil the broth.  With that being said, it’s OK to be selective on who you choose to invite to attend your fittings.

Wedding receptions are about making sure that the guests have a good time, but at a dress fitting and selecting the perfect dress is about the bride feeling amazing and like the princess she is. Make sure you’re in a mind space to think clearly about choosing your perfect wedding dress, if necessary take a break for a few weeks and revisit when you’re ready!

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Wedding Dress