Astounding Secrets That Will Surprise You About Wedding Planners

Wait; is it a wedding planner or an on-site banquet manager? Are these two-different people or one? Which one do you need? How do you choose? Many people are unsure between the role of a wedding planner and a banquet manager. These are two separate professionals, carrying out individual tasks and responsibilities. Having both will ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Planning and organizing for a wedding is probably one of the most exciting yet exhausting task. There is so much that goes into making a wedding perfect that it’s impossible for one person to do it all! There is much to decide, design and coordinate from the venue to the food, caterers to flowers, invites and speeches… everything requires proper attention, an eye for detail and a lot of effort! This is the reason wedding planners have become highly in demand.

So, what is the difference between a wedding planner and an on -site banquet manager?

A wedding planner comes into picture much before the wedding day. A wedding planner is a part of the entire process of planning your big day. They present options, help you pick, negotiate on your behalf and manage each step of planning the wedding. The job of a wedding planner starts from the moment you begin working on organizing the wedding. You can talk, discuss, ideate and do everything with a wedding planner. Your wedding planner is there every step of the way from concept to reality.

An on-site banquet manager is a professional who ensures everything goes perfectly on the wedding day at the venue. This person does not help in the process of planning or designing, instead takes care of the venue itself and sometimes the catering if it is included. The on-site banquet manager will ensure that the tables and chairs are set, the food is ready, and that the venue is left in top condition before and after your event.  Specific wedding details such as time-lining, vendor confirmation, liability insurances, room blocks, seating charts and such are not always included in the banquet managers’ duties and responsibilities.  What we’re seeing most recently is that venues are now requiring that couples have at least a Day of Coordinator as it is virtually impossible for the banquet manager to be both manager of the venue and wedding coordinator.

If you are clueless about how to plan a wedding, get yourself a wedding planner but if you think you can plan it all on your own, make sure you hire a day of coordinator.

Your wedding deserves to be beautiful and flawless, ensure you have the right people to put it all together! 

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