Tantalizing spirits that will impress guest and make a statement

A personalized taste of cocktails can be a form of incorporating a personal touch for your wedding. These fantastic signature cocktails are sure to be great hits on your wedding day. Be creative in naming your cocktails, have them served in the appropriate glassware, and have all the garnishes to accompany them. It’s these details that leave a lasting impression with your guest.

Pick a custom cocktails for your wedding reception or provide your guests with a variety of excellent cocktails that they will find hard to forget. Here are some great signature cocktail ideas that will make your wedding a memorable one.

Magic Hour Cocktail

You may start your wedding brunch with this fantastic cocktail created by Tom Macy of Clover Club, Brooklyn, New York, it can perfectly substitute the usual OJ, Lillet Rose and grapefruit juice.

New York Sour

Also created by Tom Macy of Clover Club, New York Sour is a whiskey-based cocktail suitable for East Coast couples.

Clover Club

Named after his club, Tom Macy formulated this frothy signature cocktail that incorporates sourness of lemon juice with sweet raspberry syrup to give a perfect blend.

Sbagliato Rosa

This signature cocktail is made from Cappelletti, a fairly bitter liqueur and it is very similar to Campari. It is also made by Tom Macy.

Port of Call

Made by Tom Macy as well, Port of Call is a signature cocktail that is served with a mixture of ruby port, gin, cinnamon-bark syrup, lemon juice and cranberry preserves. It is usually served as a nightcap or after a meal.

Watermelon Margarita

This cocktail is a mixture of fresh watermelon and orange zest which makes a twisted vibrant Margarita.

Pomegranate Caipiroska

This signature cocktail is made from a mixture of vodka, sugar, seltzer, lime and a sprinkling of juicy pomegranate seeds imparts a characteristic taste to it.

Bourbon Fizz

When mixed with club soda, amaretto, OJ and a dash of anise-flavored liqueur, the strong Kentucky spirit is softened.

Starlight Royale

This is a sumptuous concoction of lime juice, gin and champagne dashed with grenadine for a pink glow. The rim is dipped in fine sand sugar and lime juice for an inch-wide girth of sparkle.

Classic Champagne Cocktail

This is a classic signature champagne cocktail which puts a twist on the typical champagne taste. It is very easy to multiply, this makes it the impeccable signature cocktail for wedding receptions.

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