Nontraditional Wedding Ideas – Break The Rules A Little

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Traditional book signing – We recently had a client that insisted on having something other than the traditional guest signing book.   There are so many fun and exciting ideas other than the traditional book and pen.   If you want something a little more memorable and engaging, consider the following: Get a canvas guest book.  Have your guests add their thumbprint to the canvas with their signature next to each print. It’s a cherished piece of art that can be framed and added to your home as a reminder of your wedding day. You can also create a jigsaw puzzle. Guests can sign each puzzle piece and create a picture. This can also be framed to hang on your wall.  Our favorite is the wedding guest book made with pictures from your photo booth. Guests can take fun pictures, add them to your photo album and write a short line. The key to this is making sure the photo booth company will print duplicates, provide colorful pens, a glue stick and have your photo album ready for them once the exit the photo booth. 

There can only be one person to give the bride away – We once had a bride whose father passed away weeks before her wedding.  With everything in her, she pulled herself together and continued with her wedding plans.  There was one problem; she couldn’t decide who was going to walk her down the aisle.   Her initial thought was to have her brother and uncle walk with her, all three together (hand and hand). This was a perfect idea, except the aisle was not wide enough. Therefore, we suggested that for the first half of the bride’s walk her brother would escort her then, midway, her uncle (her father’s brother) would receive her and walk with her the remainder of the aisle.  It worked out perfectly! 

All guys on one side and all girls on the other – It’s your wedding. The best man can be a girl and the maid of honor can be a guy.   We once had a wedding were the groom’s best friend was his sister and the bride’s best friend was her brother. Could you imagine what happened? During the ceremony, the groom’s sister walked in place of the best man towards the groom and pastor who were waiting at the altar. The bride’s brother walked ahead of the bride, instead of the maid of honor.  During the maid of honor and best man’s toasts at the reception, the groom’s sister gave a toast for her brother and the bride’s brother gave his toast for his sister.  Everyone had a great time and welcomed the change. 

Groom and bride take pictures during the cocktail hour – Usually, we find that the cocktail hour is used for the bride, groom and wedding party to take pictures.  Meanwhile, their guests are off to their cocktail hour getting the party started without the party host and hostess.   We think this rule can be broken. During your meeting with your photographer, explain your plan to join the cocktail hour. He/she can coordinate their time with you right after the ceremony has ended, giving you the opportunity to participate in the cocktail hour along with your guests.  A great photographer will capture many pictures during the entire wedding, both candid and posed. Therefore, we encourage you to consider enjoying your cocktail hour. It’s time and money well spent and it’s a great opportunity to mingle with your guests and get your pictures with your guests out of the way. Then, you will have time to eat and enjoy your reception.  Can you still make a grand entrance with your court?  Absolutely. A few minutes prior to your reception, excuse yourselves so that you can refresh.Then,  your guests can find their seats and you can make your entrance.  The key to this is coordination and precise timing!

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