Best Reasons To Hire A Wedding Coordinator

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1. You’re just too busy:  Let’s face it – you would like to do everything yourself, but you can’t and although your sister and mother opt in to help out, they’re also busy.  Your event/wedding coordinator is there no matter what happens. It is our job to see that everything is taken care of.

2. Your wedding/event is out of town:  For all of my destination wedding brides – having a wedding outside of your town, state or country can be very difficult and stressful. Having a coordinator representing you at meetings and during planning calls for the big day saves on time and, in the long run, will save you from any disappointments.  Make sure that your planner is familiar with the area and knowledgeable about vendors to contact.

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3. You have a small budget:  It may seem that hiring a coordinator for a small budget may be a silly idea, but it is sometimes the best idea.  Your coordinator will recommend alternatives as well as other options that can save you time and money.  If you cannot afford a coordinator, hiring the coordinator the day of your event is helpful and most importantly, less stressful.

4. You don’t know where to start and are overwhelmed: Sometimes the idea of flowers, location, makeup, and the reception all seems like a big headache.  Hiring a coordinator is a sure way to organize yourself.  It’s your planners’ job to do as much as you will allow – Take advantage of it!

5. Have Fun:  Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your engagement – sometimes it can all be overwhelming.  Hiring a planner who is capable is the best way to enjoy your big day and the events leading up to it. Remember this is your moment – the money that you pay for a planner is worth it!

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